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  In This profession,  ultimately my primary goal's are to protect our cultural heritage from harm, loss, change or decay through my efforts in CONSERVATION,To reproduce as close as possible through RESTORATION the originality of those piece's of furniture that have suffered from years of abuse and neglect  and through my continuing dedication in ANTIQUE PRESERVATION I'll continue to care for and maintain the originality of these fine works of art so that they may be enjoyed for future generations. 
There is a huge misconception concerning whether or not to refinish and what effect's refinishing will have on value. This confusion began with a popular television program that airs on PBS.
The wisdom of restoring/refinishing antique and older furniture was discussed/debated at some length In our trade magazine (no longer in circulation).
. That article mirrored opinions of the publics general perception that restoration and refinishing are to be avoided. The modernistic was fueled largely by a general misunderstanding that resulted from various airings of the television show "Antiques Road show" on PBS. It got to the point where many people believed it was unwise to restore/refinish almost any piece of furniture!
  The editor of the magazine, Bob Flexner, contacted the show's producers and explained the impact the misunderstanding was having on the publics perception concerning restoring/refinishing older and antique furniture. Peter B. Cook, executive producer of the television program, wrote a response that was published in the June 2002 issue of the magazine. Here are some excerpts from that article.
"A while ago, we at Antiques Road show received a letter from Professional Refinishing editor Bob Flexner. He pointing out that our apparent obsession (my word, not his) with original finish has had the effect of misleading the public about what repairing and refinishing actually does to the value of furniture - most furniture, that is. We're now in our sixth season of Antiques Road show on PBS... This means, of course, that there's a real premium on the accuracy, dependability and usefulness of the information we provide. ... I'd hate to think that we've created a subset of American furniture owners living in dread of a fatal financial misstep (though Antiques Road show is, after all, a show about value, including market value). ... Still, if I'm reading things correctly, it sounds as if Road show furniture experts are saying, by and large, leaving things alone is good, refinishing is bad.'  Understandably, our Americana experts on the Road show live for wonderful old pieces of furniture that have somehow survived in terrific condition - pieces not used too hard, left out in strong light for long periods of time or forced to survive a flooded cellar. Most old furniture, of course, doesn't come close to meeting those standards. On the contrary, most furniture has been well used (even abused), scratched, broken, and often repaired many times. How could such furniture not be improved by a good job of refinishing or restoring?
      So where does that leave us? Let the record show that Antiques Road show generally agrees with this notion: Well-conceived and well executed refinishing and restoration usually enhances the value of just about any piece of old furniture. Exceptions are those rare (often museum-quality) pieces that have somehow survived in great original condition. If we say or imply to the contrary, we should be called on it."
   Since our conception  in 1978 Kyle's Antique Restorations  built a reputation on restoring antique furniture that by other craftsman standards was regarded as non -restorable or too costly.
   Some pieces we're so bad that they were recognizable to many as just piles of junk and were destined to be discarded at the city landfill or burnt for firewood.  I have been asked many times over the years, Why do you waste your time on such
CRAP ?  I eventually turned that negative derogatory statement into a positive company Logo that is symbolic to what we as Craftsman represent in this profession and to illustrate that you must look beyond what  you may view as Crap and visualize its  potential.
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